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Deanne Achong

Deanne Achong is an artist based in Vancouver.

She will present an installation of The Obsolescence Project at ISEA.

Originally a daily year long photo blog exploring obsolescence


the project at ISEA is a slide projection of a selection of 31 slides (analogue) representing one calendar month of the blog project.

Talk to me about things that are fading away, or resurfacing. Or kittens.

Achong’s practice explores concepts of time, narrative and archives, on the web, in photographs, videos, installations and, most recently via an app iPhone app/walking-tour, Lulu Sweet: A Gold Rush Tale. She has exhibited her work in Canada and internationally. She has taught at ECUAD, with Faith Moosang. She recently completed 3 phase collaborative new media public art project with artist Faith Moosang. Deanne will launch her sea monster app project "Lusca Mourns the Telegraph" in Bergen, Norway this August as part of the ELO conference. http://luscatelegraphs.com/